2017 CASA Students Artwork

Ms. Rhonda's Morning Students
"Dogwood Skyscrape"

Ms. Claire's Afternoon Students
"Reach For the Stars"

Ms. Stacey's Morning Students
"Ribbons From Life's Gift"

Ms Cyndia's Lower El. Students
"The Colors of Us"

Ms. Frances's Toddler Students
"The Trees and Things at Casa"

Ms. Celia's Upper El. Students
"The Tree of Life"

Ms. Lori's Afternoon Students
"Fall Blooms Inspire Eager Minds"

Ms. Claire's Morning Students
"Andinkra Symbols" Pair

Ms. Rhonda's Afternoon Students
"Reflections of India"

Ms. Stacey's Afternoon Students
"Leaning Pots of Birdbath"

Ms. Lorri's Morning Students
"Fizzy Butterflies"

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