CASA 2017-2018 Class Tuitions

Reservation Fee   

$650 - due at time of enrollment
Please note that all classes are offered Monday through Friday. CASA does not offer partial week day classes.

Toddler Morning Students

$9,650 (total tuition $10,300)

Primary Students

Morning Students (8:45AM -11:50AM)
$8,900 (total tuition $9,700)

Primary Extended Day Students (8:45AM - 2:45PM)
(for children age 4 and up)
$11,200 (total tuition $11,850)

Primary Afternoon Students (8:45AM -2:45PM)
(for Kindergarten age children who have been in the Primary morning program for about 2 years)
$11,200 (total tuition $11,850)

Elementary Students
Grades 1-6

$11,650 (total tuition $12,300)

**Tuition fees are subject to change
Activity Fees not included and subject to change each school year.