CASA Administrative Staff

Suzanne M. Johnson

Directress, Primary AMI Trained

As a child who spent much of my youth at CASA, I learned early on that my mother had truly created an incredible Montessori community. She had the genius to bring together and nurture an exceptional group of teachers and staff, building a beautiful and thriving school. Today, my goal is to continue her legacy, striving always to live up to her level of care and support.

By a long, winding road of various careers (television news, documentaries, children's programming and advertising) I find myself back at my CASA home. With a sense of peace and pride I find that joy and satisfaction can be found in assuming my mother's position at the helm.

As CASA’s directress I finally have merged purposeful work with higher ideals and feel that the staff, the children, and the parents are part of my extended family.

When not in a classroom enjoying the children, I can be found re-reading Jane Austin and John Steinbeck novels, doing any kind of crossword or logics puzzles, corralling my two huge dogs, and, of course, going on adventures with my fabulous son, Aidan.

Favorite Quote: "Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create." - Maria Montessori

Kathy Todd

Admissions Director

Having come to CASA first as a parent in 1993, I became involved with the classrooms of my daughters Kelsey and Kristina. As a former PE teacher I knew I loved working with children, and having worked at Delta Airlines for many years gave me a solid background for working with people. Mrs. Johnson was such an inspiration to me and gave me the opportunity as Admissions Director to introduce CASA to new families interested in enrolling their children. I have been spreading the love of CASA ever since!

Judy McStravick

Elementary Consultant and Curriculum Coordinator, Primary & Elementary AMI Trained

"I have experienced many times over Maria Montessori's belief that a classroom teacher's work is to assist each child toward developing his or her full potential. The staff at CASA Montessori School works diligently toward helping each child find the means to that end."

Judy has over 40 years of experience working in Montessori schools. She joined the CASA Montessori community in 1974, when our school first opened. Her career began as classroom assistant and traversed from Primary Lead guide to opening our Elementary school and serving as Lead Lower Elementary guide until 2000. After a short retirement, Judy returned to CASA as Elementary consultant and curriculum coordinator. She completed AMI teacher training in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., in both the Primary and Elementary programs. Judy is a ballroom dancer and avid birdwatcher. She loves being outdoors and with her family.

Caroline Sierra

Head Office Administrator

As a former CASA mom, I was "recycled" into the main office eleven years ago. Working in a Montessori school where teachers and administration have more defined roles and duties, I find that the true description of my duties at CASA can be put into the category of "everything else."

Denise Cheseldine

Office Administrator

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Nancy Ptashnik

Office Administrator

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