Lower Elementary Teachers

Cyndia Hunnicutt

Lower Elementary Teacher, Elementary AMI Trained

I walked into a Primary Montessori classroom when my daughter was little and knew that this was the place for her to be! I had remembered the name Montessori from my traditional teacher training. I decided to go back to teaching but I wanted to get the Montessori Elementary training and do something different. I enjoy seeing the children making choices and working together and using their innate self-direction.

Favorite Quote: "Persistent work, clarity of ideas, the habit of sifting conflicting motives in the consciousness, even in the minutest actions of life, decisions taken every moment on the smallest of things, the gradual mastery over one's actions, the power of self-direction increasing by degrees in the sum of successively repeated acts, these are the stout little stones on which the structure of personality, will and work is built up." - Maria Montessori

Bela Sampat

Elementary Assistant (Ms. Cyndia's)

Why do I teach?
To instill the joy of learning~
To help shape their future~
To be a small part of their destiny~

Elaine Haskins

Lower Elementary Assistant Teacher

I love sharing my passion for books with my students and hearing their fascinating insights on a variety of topics. Each day here brings something new and interesting.

Much of my free time is spent with my husband, Daniel, and our two dogs, Scout and Otto. Going for a long walk in the woods with the dogs is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon, whatever the weather. I also enjoy swimming, cycling, knitting, and, of course, reading.

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